Stony ground

Today I planted a taupata seedling out on the park. First I used a sledgehammer to make an indentation in the rock below my fence. Then I added soil and mulch and lovingly planted the shiny-leaved little thing, staking it and piling some rocks back on to guard against the ferocious wind – and the children and dogs who play on the park.

This is the fourth taupata I have transplanted there. Fortunately these little trees are tough. But slow-growing. My rather hopeful ambition is to have a hedge of dark green glistening taupata leaves softening the length of the fence. The other three seem to be holding their own – even perhaps enjoying their rugged position. But I fear I may not live long enough to witness the day when their branches join up.

Is this a parable about seeds falling on stony ground? No, I’m just saying today I enjoyed planting a little taupata in the sun.

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