Taking my time

There is always a long time (about a year) between when I submit a manuscript to the publisher and when it hits the bookshops. There will be many suggestions and corrections and fact checks from the publishers’ readers for me to deal with, but there will also be plenty of time to get on with the next piece of writing.

But this time my creative file seems to be empty. Is Harbouring really my last novel?

Of course when you are in your mid-eighties everything takes longer, especially getting out of bed, dressing, making the bed, eating breakfast and reading the paper. Morning-tea time already!

But I also tell myself that if I start a major new work I should put my head down, writing every day for a couple of years. And that will very likely mean losing contact with old friends.  When you are old as I am, keeping in touch is very important, for my well-being and theirs. When I emerge with a new completed manuscript my friends may have lost interest – or died. Not a good look.

So is this an excuse or just procrastination? Watch this space.

The good news is that the book is selling well, has been #1 on the NZ fiction bestsellers list for the last four consecutive weeks and the publishers have reordered more copies. Excellent!

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  1. Dear Jenny, I just want to say how much I enjoyed reading Harbouring. When I read the blurb in the bookshop, it seemed just like my kind of book – historic, about people, and Wellington (my Turangawaewae), where I have lived most of my life. One of my gt gt grandfather’s landed in Pito-one in 1874 with his wife and two boys (from England).
    I loved the characters and their stories. Thanks for a great read.
    And I haven’t read any of your other books previously so I will be rectifying that.
    With best wishes.

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