RNZ Interview

There were many lovely texts and emails in to Radio New Zealand during my interview with Kim Hill last Saturday. Thank you for your memories of old times and far places. I got to read most of them. If you missed the interview and are interested, you can listen here.

Harbouring seems to be tracking well: the publishers have had to order a couple of reprints, which, they say, is bucking the trend these days, with some bookshops – like many retailers – struggling.

I’ve had a lovely email from a Faroese man who read my Catching the Current (the novel is partly set in the Faroe Islands, partly in Denmark and also, of course Aotearoa.) For some time he has been translating it into Faroese, which like te reo here against English, is a language that struggles to hold its own against Danish. He would like to read some translated excerpts on Faroe Island radio! I’m so pleased. Laughton and I visited the Faroes when I was writing the book. A wonderful, remote group in the middle of the north Atlantic. It’s culture is rich with sagas, songs and amazing survival customs.

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