In Touch with Grace

“This started as a radio series which I wrote for Bill Manhire’s creative writing course. The inspiration came from my mother’s life. She had a happy relationship with a family friend after my dad died. Both were very deaf. This book is the closest I have come so far to writing a memoir. Most of the events are rooted in our family lore.”

In Touch with Grace cover from the 2013 edition.

This tender and amusing novel is set in New Zealand in the nineties, with the Springbok Tour still a recent memory, and as the country debates whether to adopt MMP.

Letter-writing is about to give way to email, but elderly Grace will resist the trend. Through letters and stories, we learn of her friendships, the interactions of the argumentative bowling club, her growing attraction to and relationship with Max, and the jealousy this engenders in her closest friend, Mildred. As the story unfolds, Grace faces new challenges, and the problems of younger people invade her solitary life.

Grace touches the lives of many with her warmth, her feistiness, her intelligence and her frailty. Starting life as a popular radio series, this is another compelling novel from bestselling author, Jenny Pattrick.

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