Taking my time

There is always a long time (about a year) between when I submit a manuscript to the publisher and when it hits the bookshops. There will be many suggestions and corrections and fact checks from the publishers’ readers for me to deal with, but there will also be plenty of time to get on with... Continue Reading →

Number One

Well Harbouring is out in the wide world now and I am feeling pleased. Not only is it a beautiful day in my beloved Wellington, but the book has been Number One for three consecutive weeks on the NZ Fiction Bestseller list. Phew! For a writer, when your book hits the bookshops (and these days... Continue Reading →

RNZ Interview

There were many lovely texts and emails in to Radio New Zealand during my interview with Kim Hill last Saturday. Thank you for your memories of old times and far places. I got to read most of them. If you missed the interview and are interested, you can listen here. Harbouring seems to be tracking... Continue Reading →

Harbouring now afloat

Harbouring is being rolled out now and should be available everywhere by 5th April. Harbouring is in some ways similar and in others different from my earlier work. It is historical and set in Wellington – my home town - between 1839 and 1844. This is earlier than I have explored or tried to imagine... Continue Reading →

Failure to launch

Well it seems as if there won’t be a book launch, in the form that we know it, for Harbouring. In covid times it’s too uncertain for bookshops and publishers to prepare and market a launch. Understandable. Our launches have been family events where a song was specially written ( by Laughton and me) and... Continue Reading →


Welcome to my new web-page. I have avoided social media up to now, but perhaps at 85 years of age and a new book coming out – Harbouring – it’s time to dip my toe in! My tech-savvy daughter Lynn has set me up very competently. From time to time I’ll tell anyone who happens... Continue Reading →

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